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· Isolated, RS-485/RS-422 transceiver, configurable as half- or full-duplex

· ±8 kV ESD protection on RS-485 input/output pins

· 16 Mbps data rate

· Complies with ANSI TIA/EIA RS-485-A-1998 and ISO 8482: 1987(E)

· Suitable for 5 V or 3.3 V operation (VDD1)

· High common-mode transient immunity: >25 kV/µs

· Receiver has open-circuit, fail-safe design

· 32 nodes on the bus

· Thermal shutdown protection

· Safety and regulatory approvals

o UL recognition: 5000 V rms isolation voltage for 1 minute, per UL 1577

o VDE certificate of conformity

o DIN V VDE V 0884-10 (VDE V 0884-10): 2006-12

o Reinforced insulation, VIORM = 849 V peak

· See data sheet for additional features

Additional Details

The ADM2491E is an isolated data transceiver with ±8 kV ESD protection and is suitable for high speed, half- or full-duplex communication on multipoint transmission lines. For half-duplex operation, the transmitter outputs and the receiver inputs share the same transmission line. Transmitter output Pin Y is linked externally to receiver input Pin A, and transmitter output Pin Z to receiver input Pin B.

The ADM2491E is designed for balanced transmission lines and complies with ANSI TIA/EIA RS-485-A-1998 and ISO 8482: 1987(E). The device employs Analog Devices, Inc., iCoupler® technology to combine a 3-channel isolator, a threestate differential line driver, and a differential input receiver into a single package

The differential transmitter outputs and receiver inputs feature electrostatic discharge circuitry that provides protection to ±8 kV using the human body model (HBM). The logic side of the device can be powered with either a 5 V or a 3.3 V supply, whereas the bus side requires an isolated 5 V supply.

The device has current-limiting and thermal shutdown features to protect against output short circuits and situations where bus contention could cause excessive power dissipation.

The ADM2491E is available in a wide body, 16-lead SOIC package and operates over the −40°C to +85°C temperature range.


· Isolated RS-485/RS-422 interfaces

· Industrial field networks


· Multipoint data transmission systems

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