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Excess Inventory Management
Common in the high-tech field, excess inventory and obsolete and end-of-life (EOL) products can rapidly lose recovery value as the materials sit dormant. With new technology continuously being introduced, the velocity of turning surplus electronic components and finished systems into recovered value is essential.

Our excess inventory management solutions include:
 Quickly turning surplus components and finished systems into recovered value
 Meet all global environmental compliance standards
 Competitive, sustainable and scalable solutions
 Flexible purchasing solutions
 Established reputation
 Rigorous quality inspections
 Global footprint and systems to match supply and demand

Depending upon your specific needs, we can implement flexible solutions through:
 Outright buy programs. We purchase your excess and obsolete inventory and remarket it through our global sales channels. 
 Consignment programs. Our partners with your organization to take “consignment” of excess inventory. Materials are then remarketed through our global sales channels, with proceeds returned through a mutually agreed upon shared revenue program.
 Demand opportunity. We provide the quickest time to market while clients maintain possession of their inventory throughout the sales process. Features include a global infrastructure, marketing expertise and demand creation through our established end-user customer network.
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